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Pinoy Food and Cooking Dictionary - QR

EDGIE POLISTICO’S encyclopedic PINOY dictionary
filipino food & cooking
Compiled and re-written by Edgie B. Polistico
last update: Saturday, December 18, 2010 2:38:16 AM
qisa (ki-sa) [n.] corn grits or kamote (sweet potato) mixed with rice then cooked by boiling or steaming (also spelled as kisa; sinaksakan or sinibakungan in Cebuano)
quilain babi (ki-la-win ba-bi; Pampangueño dish) [n.] (see under kilawin)
quinamunsil (ki-na-mún-sil; Ilonggo cookie) [n.] (see under cookies)
quequiam (ke-kyám) [n.] (same as kekiam)
queso de bola (ke-so de bo-la; Spanish origin; dw Span. queso de bola) [n.] cheese ball or Edam cheese. It is a round mold of yellow cheese and usually having a coating of red paraffin wax. This cheese is popularly sought in the Philippines during Christmas season as decorative cheese, it is grated and serves as garnishment in some dishes cooked in oven and pasta meals. This ball of cheese is coated with thick layer of wax as protection from damage and contamination so as to prolong its shelf life (also spelled as keso de bola in Tagalog)
quesong puti (ke-song pu-tì; Tagalog condiment) [n.] (same as kesong puti; see under keso)
rabanos (ra-ba-nós; dw Span. rabanos) [n.] (same as labanos)
rasa (rá-sa; Waray taste) [n.] the taste, as in the taste of food (lasa in Tagalog; lami in Cebuano)
*marasa; karasa (Waray) [adj.] delicious \delectable \palatable
*mayda rasa (Waray) [adj.] having the taste of something \tasty (malasa in Tagalog; may lami in Cebuano)
*matam-is (Waray) [adj.] sweet \luscious
*matam-is tam-is;matam-is (Waray) [adj.] rather sweet \somewhat sweet \sweetish
*maaslom; aslom (Waray) [adj.] sour
*mapag-ad; pag-ad (Waray) [adj.] salty
*mapait; pait (Waray) [adj.] bitter
relleno (rel-ye-no; Spanish origin) [n.] any stuffed dish (also spelled as relyeno)
*rellenong bangus (Ilokano dish) [n.] stuffed milkfish. \The milkfish is deboned and its skin is removed intact. The skin is then stuffed with ground pork, raisins, fish meat (of bangus), and sliced hard boiled eggs and sometimes wrapped in tinfoil (optional). Then cooked in a steamer for about half an hour. Rellenong bangus is sliced into halves or into several thick pieces and served with the sidings of sweet-and-sour red sauce or the conventional toyo’t suka sawsawan (soy sauce and vinegar dip).
*rellenong manok (Manila dish) [n.] stuffed chicken
relyeno (rel-ye-no) [n.] (same as relleno)
remolatsa (re-mo-lát-sa; Cebuano vegetable; dw Span. remolacha [beet]) [n.] beet (see also utanon for other Cebuano vegetables)
repolyo (re-pol-yo; Tagalog and Cebuano vegetable; dw Span. repollo [cabbage]) [n.] cabbage (see also gulay for other Tagalog vegetables, and utanon gulay for other Cebuano vegetables)
resipe (re-si-pé) [n.] recipe
rimas (ri-mas; Tagalog, Waray fruit) [n.] breadfruit three and its fruit ( Artocarpus altilis) (kulo in Visayan)
romblon (rom-blon; Visayan palm) [n.] a species of palm growing along the shore in Visayan islands. Only its thick very long leaves are harvested that are pliant and suitable for weaving. The leaves are thorny along the edges and the midribs. It has to be dried, splitted into strips. The dried leaves has a leathery texture and has two natural shades: the natural creamy light brown and the deep brown shade. The darker shade is achieved by immersing the leaves for several days in seawater which would also make it impervious to insect attack. The romblon strips called lilas can also be dyed to any desired color using synthetic dye known in Visayas as yubos. Lilas is used in weaving banig (sleeping mat), table place mat, and bags. (a.k.a. romlon in other Visayan islands; karagamoy in Bicolano)
romlon (rom-lon; Visayan palm) [n.] (same as romblon)
rompe candado (rom-pe kan-dá-do; Visayan & Tagalog fish; dw Span. rompe [break] + candado [padlock]) [n.] large banded barracuda ( Sphyraena jello) \barracuda fish (of Sphyraenidae family) (babayu in Ilokano)
roka (ro-ka; Cebu delicacy) [n.] (see under suman)
rosquillos (ros-kel-yos) [n.] (see under cookies)

Written by Edgie Polistico. (Copyright 2008-2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED). Posted here is the 4th Update (2010). Latest copy is now a book published by ANVIL Publishing (2016), which is ten times more updated with 10,000 more entries than what is posted here. The book was chosen among "World Best Culinary Books" in the international 22nd Gourmand Book Awards. The book also won Best Book On Food in the 36th National Book Awards (2017). (Click right column banners to get your copies or CLICK HERE NOW.)

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